Sometimes life can be tricky for our children and young people and their mental health can be affected.  Anxiety, poor confidence and self esteem, low mood are all too common, but totally treatable.  Example symptoms of such difficulties can be withdrawing from social activities, showing little interest in things that previously sparked joy, irritation, school refusal, a drop in school performance and perhaps difficult behaviour.  Sometimes mental health difficulties can result from a trauma or a significant negative event in a child's life.

Therapy doesn't have to be a negative experience for children and young people. Create Therapy always seeks to build positive relationships and incorporates curious and playful techniques within the process.

Create therapy is a family focused holistic service, exploring all areas within a child's life rather than just focusing on the "presented difficulty".  As a result the aim is to find long term solutions rather than a 'quick fix'.  Children and families are equipped with the coping skills required for future success even if difficult times happen.

As an Integrated Therapist with over 15 years experience, 11 of which were in the NHS Child Adolescent Mental Health (NHS) and with an extra specialism in Learning Disability, Jane has developed a large tool kit of Therapeutic Interventions to help children process difficult experiences and develop the skills they need to heal and progress.  

Free Initial Consultation

All prospective clients are invited to an initial 30 minute consultation, this is an opportunity for Jane to assess if she is able to help and for the client to assess if they fell able to work with Jane.  After this session a plan will be agreed on how to progress.  There is not charge for this consultation.

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