Building bonds, having fun, feeling great.


Theraplay is a therapy designed to support families where there has perhaps been a disruption of some kind.  This can be a trauma within the family that has affected relationships or perhaps a child is fostered or adopted.  Sessions are play based and they are designed to help children relax and enjoy their caregiver company with out feeling the need to be in control.  Theraplay also seeks to children to learn to regulate their emotions and activity levels.
Therplay uses the dimensions of Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge as the foundation to playful interactions with children.
The Theraplay ethos can also be used  to support children in school.


Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is primarily for children and young people who are in a settled foster home or they are adopted.  It uses the foundation of PACE Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy as a place to begin therapeutic discussions between care givers and children.  I is designed to help children and young people express their thoughts and feelings without experiencing shame.

Renewing Relationships

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